Walking on Greek Islands

White Eggplant


The famous white aubergines of Santoríni are widely known. The white aubergine, found only on Santorini, known as the “apple of love” or simply “melitzana”, is sweet to the taste and juicy. White aubergines grow on Santorini because of the warm climate and because white aubergines do not need irrigation. The volcanic soil of Santorini gives the white aubergines their sweet taste.


Melitzanosalata, a popular meze, a traditional Greek aubergine dip as an appetiser or side dish, soft and creamy, with a delicate flavour, is the ideal Greek starter. The aubergine salad dip is cooked with grilled or baked white aubergines with the skin on. The skin and seeds are removed as soon as the white aubergine is soft after cooking. The flesh of the white aubergine is pureed with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Melitzanosalata tastes good on its own or on a piece of crusty pita bread.

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