Walking on Greek Islands

Domatokeftedes - Tomato Fritters


After the decline in wine sales at the beginning of the 20th century, tomato cultivation began to increase on Santorini. Tomato paste was produced by hand in small family businesses. First the tomatoes were pressed and then the tomato juice was thickened into tomato paste. The squeezed tomatoes were used by the families on Santorini to prepare tomato balls, domatokeftedes, tomatokefthédes, Τοματοκεφτέδες. For this, the squeezed tomatoes were kneaded together with flour, basil, parsley, mint and onions into a thick dough, which was fried in olive oil until it was golden and crispy. Today, tomato balls, domatokeftedes, traditionally served with dill yoghurt, garlic sauce or tzatziki, are a popular Greek appetiser that originated in Santorini.

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